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Telephone Magazine’s mission is to inspire, inform, and entertain by providing fresh perspectives and actionable information to an ever-evolving world.

Telephone is a new publication based in Dayton, Ohio. Inside Telephone, you’ll find original articles covering a wide spectrum of topics including: Art, Design, DIY/Craft/Maker and Science & Technology. We also feature reviews, interviews, essays, fine art, photography, and local comic artists.

Telephone celebrates an interactive, irreverent, and DIY culture.  We look to balance this with informative and intelligent content by including work from the best writers, photographers, and artists in the area. We at Telephone work toward these simple and humble goals: to be conscious, to be entertaining, and to have fun doing it! We look forward to sharing this goal with our readers, our contributors, and business partners as we strive to make both reading our magazine and doing business with us as enjoyable as possible.

Telephone believes that media is a two-way street and it has the power to shape the world we live in. With this in mind, each issue of Telephone will serve as a springboard for conversation. Coupled with community involvement and a commitment to open information, we seek to make Dayton (and the world) a better place to be.

We welcome all feedback. Drop us a line at:

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